Stay tuned to this page for ongoing volunteer opportunities! We typically help out with the activities below. If you’d like to fill out our volunteer questionnaire to get more info before you commit, please click here.

This school year, we are encouraging a rotation for each house to serve during certain months.  You can of course serve as often as you want, but want to challenge you to help fill any gaps during your assigned week.  You can see that schedule here.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a great way to help multiple teachers from behind the scenes.  Its something that we have just recently been allowed to start again.  Teachers turn in requests for copies to be made, laminated things to be cut out, or other administrative work.  A team of volunteers shows up to get all those tasks done for them.  They currently meet Thursday mornings but we will add more time slots as the teachers start requesting more help. No experience needed, we have someone who can show you where to go and how to use the equipment!  Click here to signup.

Help scholars cross the West crosswalk for about 30 minutes before school starts. Click here for a tip sheet on working crosswalk. Here is the signup for the second semester. 

Volunteers are welcome in the cafeteria to help pass out food, clean and assist scholars with their lunches.  Click here for a tip sheet on helping in the lunchroom. Here is the page where we post all our signups.

Love being outside?  We have an opportunity to help with our lunch-time recesses.  Click here for a tip sheet on helping at recess.   Here is the page where we post all our signups.

House Captains

House Captains help organize grade level and house level social and service activities.  If you’re interested, please email parkerhousesystem@lemanacademy.org for more information.

PTO Committees

We currently have openings to serve in the following areas:

  • Teacher Appreciation: help organize how we celebrate our teachers (birthday gifts, appreciation events, etc.)
  • Volunteer coordinators: perfect for working parents! Help monitor our ongoing signups to make sure we don’t have gaps and publish volunteer needs through social media or other avenues. Can be done outside school hours from home!
We have a full list of opportunities available via a signup.  View it here. If you’d like more information, email the PTO and we can get you connected.